The Virtualization Virtual Group is dedicated to better management of SQL Servers in virtual environments such as Microsoft Hyper-V and vSphere.

Streamline SQL Implementations

Wed, Apr 12 2017 17:00 UTC

Streamline SQL Implementations

Installing SQL server requires making several choices and configuration changes for optimal performance, making right choices provides consistent envs from Dev to Prod. Preparation and post configurations are key to a successful application release/performance benchmark and troubleshooting. If you do SQL installations and looking to understand best practices this session is for you… Prakash will share from his experience how he has configured dedicated SQL servers for optimal performance, will discuss best practices regarding OS/Memory/Disk related configurations to improve SQL installation. Session will start with prerequisites, followed by configuration changes depends on OS/Memory/Disk/Virtualization resulting in increased productivity and better performance.

Prakash Heda

Prakash Heda works as Manager (Data-IT) at SS&C Advent. His expertise encompasses the work of automation, performance tuning/troubleshooting, high availability, san configuration and windows administration. Heda has 13+ years of experience managing enterprise-wide data needs in both high volume transactional and data warehouse environments. Heda holds certifications for MCDBA and MCITP. His background includes administration & development using VB/ASP/SSIS with SQL server 2000 to 2017. He is an active member of PASS, SQLSaturday, and as well a frequent presenter at user groups, SQLSaturdays, and other community events. He is also an avid tweeter, blogger and runner.


The Virtualization Virtual Group is dedicated to better management of SQL Servers in virtual environments like Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere.  We:

  • Help the community by producing things like monthly training webcasts, a centralized list of helpful virtualization-savvy administrators, and a periodic report of what works well under virtualization and what isn't quite working yet.

  • Help virtualization vendors by getting training and configuration information out to the people who need it, and helping the vendors build a better product with our feedback.

  • Help PASS management by building assets that PASS can leverage (like a library of training content) and showing that PASS solves real DBA problems.

Call To Speakers!

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